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title_iconApplication Deadline:          

The application must arrive by personal delivery or post to the following address not later than later than 1st July.

Please note that the applications received after the deadline will not be processed.

Please send the application directly to:

Rev. Xing-Dao

Yuan Kuang Buddhist College

Office of International Students Affairs

No.78, Sect.5, Yue-mei Li,

Tao-yuan 32056

Taiwan R.O.C.

Tel: +886-3-4980976 ext 114 or 4081110  Fax: +886-3-4981167 or 4980789




International applicants must have a high school or equivalent diploma.


title_iconLanguage requirement:

All the courses are instructed in Chinese.

Applicants should have sufficient listening, speaking, reading and writing ability in the Chinese language.

A Chinese proficiency test will be held for all accepted international students before enrollment.

Those who do not pass the test will have to take additional Chinese lessons for at least one academic year.


title_iconPledge for Enrolled Student :        

All students of YUAN KUANG BUDDHIST COLLEGE should obey the school regulations and follow the stipulations made by the College during the school term.

The College will bear board and lodging, while other expenses should be borne by the students.


title_iconDetails of stipulations

1. The student of YUAN KUANG BUDDHIST COLLEGE should obey the school regulations,(see handbook for the student.) respect teachers and seniors, be friendly and loving to classmates, cherish public property and think about the team first.


2. When the foreign student passes the test to enroll at the College, he/she must hand over their passport to the assistant/ secretary of Foreign Students Affairs for safety. (This is to avoid that the foreign student looks for a job or makes a living in Taiwan.)


3. The student either in the third or fourth academic years has responsibility to pay for a loss if he /she quits or suspends school half way, without any reason.

(It costs NT$20,000 each school term, and the days less than a school term will be counted towards the school term.)


4. The student expelled from school will be sent back for leaving school without an excuse, or seriously violating the school regulation.

(The College will send the expelled student to the airport and insure that the student leaves Taiwan. The passport will be returned to the expelled student when through the customs house.

Guarantor should pay all the losses incurred.


5. Guarantor should pay the incidental expenses caused by the studentincluding the expenses for returning home or round-trip ticket, if the student cant pay for it.


6. During the course, the highest authority of the college has the right to dismiss any student who have serious mentally or physically disease/illness or have the homosexual behavior.


7. Students waiting to take the bhiksu/ bhiksuni precepts must wait a minimum of one year from the date of enrollment of the College.


8. A letter in reply has attached two documents, the “Guarantee of Admission”and the “Agreement” , to the applicant for the application of visa. “


The stamp "For study Buddhist doctrine in YUAN KUANG BUDDHIST COLLEGE only” will be printed on the visa, therefore, the student registers to the College should hand over his/ her passport.


title_iconContents of Incidental Expenses:

1.The round-trip ticket in each school term (half year)


3.Books, notebooks (including reference books)

4.Living expenses (including uniform and articles of daily used)

5.Compensation for quitting or suspending the school

6.The expenses of extending visa for further stay of visit visa or resident visa

7.The College has the unified quilt, pillow, commodity for bathroom, and books. Student should purchase them in set.

8.The cost of living for the first semester is about NT$30,000 for each student.

9.When student enrolls in the College, board and lodging will be borne by the College. But the cost of personal transportation, medication, uniform and the other expenses should be borne by the student.


title_iconFurther Information of Enrolment:

1) According to the rules of Government of R.O.C., a student entering Taiwan with extendable visa can only stay 6 months; before their visa expires, student must leave Taiwan to renew their visa.


For the 6 months of allowing stay in Taiwan, please do not enter Taiwan to register earlier; otherwise student must have to leave Taiwan before the ending of the school term.


2) When student enrolls in the College, board and lodging will be borne by the College. But the cost of personal transportation, medication, uniform and the other expenses should be borne by the student.


3) On arriving

3.1  You may call or Fax to the Foreign Students Affairs to inform the assistant/ secretary (Rev. Xing Qi) of your flight number, arrival date and time, in order to arrange the reception.


3.2  Please inform the assistant / secretary (Rev. Xing Qi) if there’s delay or change of arrival date and time was occurred.


4) After the enrollment, you should hand over your passport to Foreign Students Affairs. In case of you fail the test; you will be brought to the airport by the College. (You should pay the cost of transportation and air ticket.)


We will keep the passport until you leave the customs house at the airport.


5) After the approval for enrollment by our principal, the “Guarantor of Admission” and “Agreement” (expired after 3 months stated) will be sent to you.


Please bring these documents to the office of Taiwan Institute in your country to apply the visa for studying Buddhism.


(If it cannot be accepted, you can apply for the 60 days visit visa to enter Taiwan. Then the assistant /secretary of Foreign Students Affairs will help you to extend the visa.)


For the registration progress and running of the curriculum, please do it on time.


We will notify you the date of new semester start. Please enter Taiwan on the date we notify you.


6) About uniform

Monk student

Gray color in summer, black in winter (We have tailor made uniform for ordering in the College to unify the color.) mid-grown, long-garment 2 of each; thick and thin short-grown 2~3 of each; black monk shoes, gray monk socks and some winter clothing to keep warm.


Laity student

Uniform and shoes will be ordered in the College, please do not bring too many clothes. You can prepare white short-socks and some winter clothing to keep warm.


7) The College has the unified quilt, pillow, commodity for bathroom, and books. Student should purchase them in set.


8) The cost of living for the first semester is about NT$30,000 for each student.


9) Please mail us a copy of your passport for the procedures of guarantee if necessary.


10) Lastly, please follow the set date and items to go through the formalities. On the date of registration, please bring the mail from Foreign Students Affairs and the necessary documents to be verified. We wish you further prosperity in your study.


title_iconApplication Required Documents:     

1.Application form and autobiography

Autobiography should be written by the applicant within 800~1200 words in Chinese or 2000 words in English or no more than 2 pages in applicant’s mother language.


2.Guarantee of Admission

The “Guarantee of Admission” from guarantor is compulsory. This is to ensure that the applicant has good moral character, behavior, and life style in order to follow the College’s regulations.

Guarantor should be willing to cover the applicant expenses for staying in College and round-trip tickets.

If the student committed serious violation that incurs expulsion, guarantor should pay all the losses incurred.



Applicants should sign on this form to appear that they will obey all the school rules and our school will cancel their visa and certificate as soon as they quit or leave our school.


4.One copy of passport

The validity of applicant’s passport should be over two years and send to us the information and signature pages.


5. 5 photos of applicant

The photos must be recently taken and in passport photo size.


6.Letter of Recommendation with official stamp

A recommendation letter from monastery is required.

It must be written by the incumbent abbot of the monastery which the applicant affiliated with. It also must be authenticated with official stamp of the monastery.

Please having an English translation of this letter.


7.Social education certificate

Photocopy of senior high school diploma or bachelor’s degree diploma.

A translation of the original diploma is necessary when the original diploma issued by the institution is not in English or in Chinese.

Translation of the diploma can be substituted by a certification of degree conferral issued by the institution.

The diploma/certificate must be NOTARIZED by Embassy or Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the country/place where the applicant received his/her degree.


8.Official transcripts for each school or university previously attended

Applicant must have his/ her transcripts NOTARIZED by his/her country's Embassy and Taipei Economic and Cultural Office.


9.Record of medical examination, including viral hepatitis B and HIV test.

Please ask Taipei office for which hospitals are accepted by them. And the record should be issued within the last six months.



1)Monk/Nun applicant can be guaranteed by their master/teacher.

2)Laity students can be guaranteed by guidance or venerable Buddhist master/teacher.

3)No materials will be returned to the applicant.




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